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Stopped for Speeding? Contact Us Before You Pay Your Ticket

Birmingham Area Speeding Ticket Attorney

Thousands of speeding and other traffic tickets are written all over Alabama throughout the year.  Birmingham is the largest city in the State and is home to more Alabama speeding tickets and violations than anywhere else in State of Alabama. 

If you are charged with a speeding or other traffic violation in the City of Birmingham, Jefferson County, Shelby County or any of the surrounding areas, you need an attorney with extensive experience in these courts.  Call Kreps Law Firm Birmingham area traffic ticket defense attorneys today at (866) 347-2889.

You need a firm working on your case that focuses its practice on Birmingham Speeding Tickets. Very few attorneys in Alabama have a significant Birmingham Speeding Ticket practice. Hiring us is simple and can be done in a matter of minutes by telephone or e-mail:

1. Call and provide us with information about your Birmingham, Alabama Speeding Ticket 2. Pay our fee by debit or credit card over the telephone 3. We will email or mail you information to review, sign and send back 4. We notify the Court that we have been hired to represent you 5. In most cases, you will not have to appear in Court and we will let you know the next step 6. We will obtain a proposed resolution to your Birmingham traffic violation and speeding ticket and contact you to discuss your options

Kreps Law Firm speeding ticket defense attorneys are located in Birmingham, Alabama, and focus on Birmingham speeding tickets and other traffic violations. 

Kreps Law Firm attorneys have extensive experience working with the District Attorney’s Office and the Judges that will be handling your case. The attorneys at the Kreps Law Firm will put our years of experience give you the kind of professional service you need to handle your case.

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