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Stopped for Speeding? Contact Us Before You Pay Your Ticket

Birmingham Area Speeding Ticket Attorney

Thank you for visiting our website. Please fill out the following form to request information about our traffic violation defense services. When you are finished, click the �Submit� button to send us your message and call our office at (866) 347-2889 or (205) 824-6545. You can also send us an email directly to jckreps@krepslawfirm.com.

If you have been issued a traffic citation in the greater Birmingham area or Jefferson, Shelby County, you need an attorney who has handled many traffic cases in those Alabama Court systems. The fact of the matter is that only a small number of attorneys handle large volumes of Birmingham, Alabama speeding tickets. With years of experience as a Birmingham Speeding and Traffic Defense attorney, we know how to get you results.

Traffic Violation in or near Birmingham, Alabama?

Call Kreps Law Firm - 866-347-2889. Whether you live in Alabama or you are just passing through, you want to avoid the potential consequences of a traffic ticket conviction. The risks are even more serious if you depend on your CDL to make a living. At the Birmingham Speeding Ticket defense firm, we can help you look for ways to get the charges against you dismissed, retain your license, and keep your record clean. Contact US today for a free initial consultation (866) 347-2889.

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