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What a Guilty Plea Will Cost You

A guilty plea to a Birmingham, Alabama speeding ticket can cost you a lot more than the fine and court costs imposed by the courts. 

A conviction for a traffic violation will add points to your license, which can lead to a suspension of your driving privileges. For example, a charge for speeding over 86 miles per hour will add five points to your license, and a charge of reckless driving will add six points to your license.

If a driver is assessed 12-14 points in a 2 year period, his or her license will be suspended for a period of 60 days. This is just the minimum - with 24 points or more in a 2 year period, a driverís privileges will be suspended for a year.

At first glance, it doesnít appear too difficult to avoid a suspension of your driving privileges, but three speeding tickets for going 86 miles per hour in a 70 mile per hour zone can really add up over two years.

Because you cannot predict what will happen in the future, you must fight each and every Alabama speeding ticket violation. Pleading guilty to the charged offense and paying the fine is NOT your best option.

In addition to having your driverís license privileges suspended, there is also the possibility of increased auto insurance rates.  Your rates could be increased upon pleading guilty to your first speeding ticket, and the insurance company could also assess a surcharge for higher risk drivers.

A conviction for a Birmingham speeding ticket or other traffic violation could also affect insurance rates other than your car insurance. Insurance companies may look at your driving history and charge you higher rates on life, health or other insurance if the company deems you a high risk customer

There are many other reasons to fight your Birmingham, Alabama Speeding ticket. Those include:

* Saving money on fines and court costs * Avoid insurance rate increases * Save points on your Driver's License * Stand up for your rights * Feel better about yourself by not being pushed around by the government bureaucracy * The cop was a jerk OR * You are innocent

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